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Download The Diehard Dungeon OST For Free!

The Diehard Dungeon original soundtrack, created by Case Portman can be downloaded for free HERE

Case can found on Twitter @Case_Portman or at his website



Version 1.3.5 – Diehard Dungeon Gets An OST!

I have some exciting news…

Diehard Dungeon is now the proud owner of its own OST (original soundtrack). It may come as some surprise to many of you, but Diehard Dungeon as it is at the moment uses music that is provided free under the Creative Commons Attribution License. This is something I have wanted to change for a while, but did not have the necessary funds to do so. There are many reasons for me wanting to change the soundtrack, but non-looping tracks and using music that is not exclusive to Diehard Dungeon being the biggest.

The soundtrack, created by Case Portman (web: twitter:, will be included as part of Diehard Dungeon version 1.3.5, which will be released very soon!

Best of all, you can listen to the complete soundtrack now on Case’s SoundCloud by clicking the image below.