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Version 1.7 is Live! (Steam)

Hi everyone,

This is another big update that lots of new features and improvements.


  • Perks. After a successful run (escape from the dungeon), the player will be rewarded with a random perk for the next run. Perks bonuses will remain active for the entirety of the run.
    • Movement Speed +
    • Sword Damage +
    • Hand Cannon Damage +
    • Shield Health +
    • Hand Cannon Juggle + (can hit cannonballs with sword more times before they explode).
    • Chest (start with a treasure chest).
    • EXP + (the run will reward more exp).
    • Companion Upgraded (the Companion Chest will start at level 3).
    • Gold Rush (increases the chance of finding a gold dropping wisp).
    • Heart Slots (start with 10 available heart slots. Only 5 will contain hearts).
  • New status effect: Blind – the player’s vision becomes severely limited to a small circle. Enemies are also susceptible to this effect.
  • New ability: Sense – highlights trap pressure pads, making them much easier to spot.
  • New ability: Vision – immune to Blind status effect.
  • New ability: Attract. The Companion Chest has a much larger treasure attraction range.
  • New ability: Reflex (single use) – slows time (for everything apart from the player), allowing the player to easily avoid enemy attacks and potentially deal massive damage.
  • New ability: Pierce. Hit cannonballs with the sword to unleash a piercing wave attack.
  • All routes in Champion Mode are now hard. The hard routes still respect the player’s rank.
  • Diehard minions. Occasionaly the Dungeon Master will spawn a Diehard into the room instead of a spectre of himself. Diehards will be selected from the global leaderboard of players that have attained the rank of Diehard. The higher your rank, the more likely you are to encounter a Diehard. Diehards drop an EXP pickup when defeated.
  • Boss health bar. A boss heaslth bar is now visible above the north wall of the room.
  • Trap pressure pads will now glint briefly if the Companion Chest’s light shines on them. This will help the player spot pressure pads covered in debris.
  • Token Wells now drop 2 tokens instead of 1.
  • The Dungeon Master will now only spawn to fight you in the final boss room if you have taken all hard routes.
  • New “complete” ending. Escape the dungeon at Diehard rank, in Champion Mode, and defeat the Dungeon Master to view the new ending.
  • The previous “best” ending has been modified to account for the “complete” ending.
  • Champion Mode trigger distance has been increased for the Champions that wander along the tops of the walls.
  • Blind status effect has been added to the possible Pyramid attacks.
  • 5 new achievements for the new abilities.
  • 1 new achievement for the “complete” ending.



Version 1.6.5 is Live! (Steam & DRM-Free)

Hi everyone,

This update brings many changes and additions, so the version number has jumped straight to 1.6.5.


  • Day/night cycle, rain and dust/spores. Adds to the game’s atsmosphere dramatically, making each environment feel slighlty different depending on the time of day.
    An option has been added to the options menu to toggle these on/off.
  • Champion mode updated. Evil champions can now also spawn directly in the room to fight you.
    Champion mode has been re-balanced. I underestimated the amount of players that would choose to be good, making the mode too easy. It’s now much more challenging.
  • If the player’s shield is hit, the player will now be knocked back enough to avoid further attacks.
  • Chests now drop a heart or token if you don’t win anything from spinning the reels.
  • Many sprites have been updated.
  • Lots of tweaks made to enemies.
  • Lots of tweaks made to game balance (frequency of hearts etc).
  • Gold key acquired splash no longer shows every time you restart.


Version 1.6 is Live! (Steam)

Hi everyone!

This is a fairly substantial update. I hope you like the new additions.


  • New feature: Shields. There are two shields that the player can pick up and use: a standard shield and a fear shield. Shields can only take a certain amount of damage before they break, as indicated by a HUD meter. Shields are obtained by defeating shield wielding enemies. Defeat the enemy without destroying its shield, and the shield will drop. Collecting a shield whilst you already have one equipped will replenish the shield’s health.
  • New enemy: Witch Doctor. Wields a fear shield
  • New enemy: Goblin. Hops around on a pogo stick, dropping mines that detonate damaging anything within their explosion radius.
  • Some changes have been made to the way Chests work. A small amount of situational bias has been added to the way items that are chosen, whilst still retaining as much randomness as possible. So you will be more likely to receive an ability as opposed to treasure, if you currently have no abilities etc.
  • Chest 0 spins message changed from “Empty” to “Failed”.
  • Destroying a chest, or stopping on 0 spins will drop either a heart or a token. This means you always receive something from a chest.
  • 4 new colours have been added to the customisation list (Black, Camo 1, Camo 2 & Camo 3).
  • Alt-Tab player visibility bug fixed.
  • Hit Wisps (the things that leave trails of gold) with an attack for 50% chance to receive a token.
  • Some balance changes have been made to shield wielding enemies.

    Tip for shield usage:
    The direction that the shield is facing will be the direction that the shield will block attacks from. Aiming the hand cannon or carrying a key will place the shield on the character’s back, blocking attacks from behind. Attacking with the sword will leave you open to attacks from the front, but will block attacks from the side the shield is facing.

    Thank you to everyone that has posted feedback and suggestions. Any changes/additions that didn’t make it into this release will be included in the next.


Version 1.5 is Live! (DRM-free)

The DRM-free version of Diehard Dungeon has been updated to version 1.5.

Version 1.5 is Live! (Steam)

Hi everyone,

I’m pleased to announce that the Steam version of the game has been updated to version 1.5.

It’s been a while since the last update. The Steam release has kept me really busy, with lots of new additions and improvements since March. Taking full advantage of the Steamworks SDK has been really great, and has allowed me to add a lot of extra functionality and features to the Steam version that would have been very difficult, or near impossible to implement without it. Achievements, trading cards, global leaderboards and stats have been included.

A quick reminder: If you have purchased the game from either Desura, IndieGameStand or as part of a bundle (Indie Royale, Groupees) then you have a free Steam key waiting for you. For purchases made on GamersGate, please contact me at:

Now that version 1.5 has been released on Steam, I can concentrate on getting the DRM-Free versions updated.


For the full list of changes since the Steam release, please visit the game’s announcements page on Steam.




Steam Release: 5th March

The Steam release date has been set: Wednesday 5th March.

Steam keys are available for owners of Diehard Dungeon from Indie Royale, Groupees, Desura and IndieGameStand.

Lots of extra Steam functionality has been included: Achievements (61 total), Trading Cards, Global Leaderboards and Stats. I’ve also tweaked many, many things… I’ve been very busy! 😉

Click HERE to visit the game’s Steam store page.


Download The Diehard Dungeon OST For Free!

The Diehard Dungeon original soundtrack, created by Case Portman can be downloaded for free HERE

Case can found on Twitter @Case_Portman or at his website


Diehard Dungeon Has Been Greenlit!

It’s taken a long time, but I’m pleased to announce that Diehard Dungeon will soon be available on Steam.greenlit

Thank you to everyone that has voted on Greenlight.

Version 1.5 of the game is currently in development, which will include some new content as well as many refinements to existing content. This is the version that will launch on Steam. I’ll post the patch feature list very soon.

Version 1.4.2 Is Live!

Diehard Dungeon has been updated to version 1.4.2 on IndieGameStand and GamersGate (Desura release is awaiting approval).

Version 1.4.1 was released silently a few days ago, which fixed an issue with the difficulty scaling incorrectly.

Version 1.4.2 changelog:

  • All projectiles now collide with Chests.
  • Containers that are on top of Spike Trap pressure plates, no longer spawn Imps.
  • Dungeon Master Spectre no longer spawns in starting area.
  • Modified Shield Runner enemy bahavior.
  • Companion Chest Token drop rate resets correctly on retry.
  • Enemy hit boxes tweaked.

Happy dungeoneering!

Diehard Dungeon Is Available To Purchase From IndieGameStand

Diehard Dungeon can now be purchased DRM-Free from IndieGameStand, at 50% off for the next week.