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Version 1.3.4 Update

Version 1.3.4 will be released in a few days time, and will contain the following:


  • Music engine changed completely to use .ogg files. This means that Diehard Dungeon will no longer be reliant on Windows Media Player for music playback.
  • Added the equivalent key functionality if the player is not using a QWERTY keyboard (i.e. AZERTY, DVORAK). Full key-binding support is still being looked into.
  • Improved a few enemy sprites. Some sprites still look a bit out of place due to the scaling applied to them, but I’m fixing them one by one.
  • Improved area randomisation, making areas feel more spacious and interesting.
  • Added dry/water patches to areas. These will be used in the future to introduce some new gameplay mechanics.
  • Running over water will put fire out quicker.





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