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Version 1.1 is Live!

A bit late posting this, but version 1.1 is now Live!

The next time you launch the game on Xbox (if you haven’t done so already), please update the game.
What’s Next

Version 1.2 is already far along in development and will hopefully be finished within a couple of weeks. Details will be posted within a few days.



6 responses

  1. OctalLord

    I got my chance to play it, and it’s a pretty awesome! I especially like the new gold tokens.
    Also, have I mentioned I like the soundtrack in this game? Especially how the track in Infested keeps adding layers and building up some great tunes. If one day you could make it avalible I’d be pleased!

    October 6, 2012 at 7:56 pm

  2. Thanks! 🙂

    Most of the tracks in the game are freeware created by DST (Deceased Superior Technician)
    Two of the tracks (Darkening and Frozeth (the Infested music)) used in Diehard Dungeon are included in the Indie Uprising Album:

    October 7, 2012 at 12:06 pm

  3. Wolfram

    I bought the game last night, and managed to beat it after the boss in Infested. I really liked the game, but I feel that it i still rough around the edges in a few places. My general suggestions/criticisms are:

    1. This game has a serious lack of documentation. There are several things that I’m confused about while playing. I understand that part of a roguelike is figuring things out on your own, but some clarification of mechanics I think would help the game, especially as I set out replaying it. For instance as I mentioned, I beat the game last night after the boss in Infested. I originally thought that Infested was the last set of floors, but later on I read in a review that you beat the game when you collect 10 gold keys (I had 10 keys at the end of the boss). I assume now that if I hadn’t collected 10 keys, I would have just gone deeper in the dungeon and eventually found the Dungeon Master that was alluded to. I think maybe a Help+Options section like most XBLA games have would be helpful to contain explanation of things like the win condition, the companion chest and the little goblins that chase after it, champions mode (I think I’ve figured out the idea here, but I’m not sure), how the branching paths work, etc

    2. The weapon dropping mechanic is really odious. This is something I really hated in the game. The game can get kind of crowded with sprites sometimes and there were many cases when I had dropped the sword and wasn’t aware of it. I suggest just dropping this mechanic. If you feel like there is a good reason to keep it in, definitely there should be more feedback when you drop something (like rumble in the controller, or a distinctive sound effect).

    3. The floors before Mr. Illusion are kind of boring (they are too easy). Since you play from the beginning each time, I suggest truncating this section. For instance, I think you should just start on the floor immediately after you save the chest after you first playthrough, and shorten the number of floors between this point and Mr. Illusion. I think this would help replayability of the game.

    This game has a lot more polish than the vast majority of XBLIG games, so I assume you have ambitions to eventually bring it to platforms outside of XBLIG. I hope you take my suggestions above into consideration as you continue to update the game. I think with some more work, the game could stand on its own in the crowded indie game market.

    October 7, 2012 at 6:06 pm

    • Hi Wolfram,

      Thanks for taking the time to post suggestions for improvements, it’s greatly appreciated!

      1. I tried to keep explanations of the mechanics as self-explanatory as possible i.e. The lock/key mechanic, the red text on the route selection indicating the hard path, but I understand that some parts of the game are currently slightly confusing at first. Something that’s missing from the majority of games nowadays is allowing the player to discover certain mechanics themselves, without the constant hand-holding. I will definitely consider adding a help section though.

      2. The chance of dropping a weapon has been decreased in v1.2, is restricted to the biggest of knocks and is much more noticeable. The mechanic will have more uses in v1.3 as I am planning to include single-use/consumable items.

      3. This is something that’s already been changed for v1.2. There are now 7 areas in total; a short starting area and 3 route selections. A quick-start feature will also be included.

      I’m currently working on a PC port 🙂


      October 8, 2012 at 12:10 pm

  4. hey, i found your game on the recently added games on the xbox indie section, got the Trial and it was an instant buy.

    I am quite surprised there was no rating or star next to it on the xbox site.
    I haven’t seen such quality of 360 indie game since “Spellcaster” or “Breath of Death” (among others) and that was a while back.

    You considered having the game displayed on Steam ?
    The dev from Zeboyd were saying they made in couple of months on steam what they made in a full year on the 360.

    Keep up the good work, i’ll follow your releases from then on.

    October 12, 2012 at 9:33 pm

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