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Patch 1 Incoming!

The first patch for Diehard Dungeon is finished and will be uploaded to peer review shortly (will hopefully be available within 2-3 days).

This is quite a substantial update that improves many of the visuals as well as fixing a few bugs.
List of changes:

  • All wall sprites have either been completely remade or improved
  • Companion chest sprites remade
  • Wall holes remade
  • Rage and Lucky bonuses now stack
  • Hand Cannon is removed on restart
  • Poison walk with key speed fixed
  • Fireproof ability collision with enemies fixed
  • Wall spike pressure pads centralised
  • Gold key scarcity fixed
  • Restart disabled if killed before companion chest acquired
  • Champion mode no longer requires a Xbox Live Gold account to unlock
  • A few more tweaks here and there!

The next patch will include a major update to the Mayhem minigame as well as more enemies/traps/abilities.


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